Week 35: September 7 – 13

7. In preparation for the week – I skipped this day.

8. Fall, it is upon us.


9. Cowboy


10. A conversation, dictated by my sister:

Me and Chir, having a conversation about everything that’s wrong in the world.

Me: Do you think everything will be ok?

Chir: Which things?

Me: You know, everything…

Chir: Well, I’m sure not everything will be ok, but a few things will be, I’m sure.


11. I kinda wanted to throw my camera away and run for the hills after taking this picture.  It felt contaminated with spider germs!


12. Rose hips – another sign of fall


13. Brought fall inside today.


Week 33: August 24 – 30

24. Fell off the face of the earth this day.  No picture.  No journal.  No nothing.

25. Looking especially chilled out in his monster jammies.


26. Black and White attempt


27. The day I was supposed to leave.  But instead.  Changed my ticket.  Last time.  Promise.  Maybe.  :)


28. “I want to fly with the duck ducks!”


29. Completely forgot to pick up my camera.  Opps.

30. Flowers.  Because, well, flowers!


People, People Everywhere!

Sometimes I think, that living in a small town is…well anything but wonderful. I think that if I could just move to a place, even slightly bigger with more people – life would be, you know, easier. You wouldn’t have to deal with the same cashiers. You wouldn’t have to bump into someone you know every time you go to town. Living in a big city – it would erase all those small town problems. Living in a small town, on an Island? Kind of makes things…unique. And sometimes, in the back of my mind, I assume that everything is chocked up to small town, island life.

Lately however, I am missing that small, crazy town I call home. Call me crazy. But I am.

You see, I have spent the past almost five months…residing in England. I wouldn’t call it living – because I don’t live here. But its more than just visiting, because it’s kind of like home too. Either way – this ‘small town’ is completely different than the small town life I am used to. At first I assumed it was culture. People here are different. Not in a bad way – just that every culture has its own things, so does this town.

But lately…I’m left wondering something.

DSC_0849Wheres Waldo?

I’m wondering if it’s possible that people are so concentrated here, living so close to each other, and having to deal with so many people every day – if maybe, just maybe, people are simply tired. Tired of other people. You can’t walk five minutes without running into people. There are always people. Everywhere. Always. There is no escaping them. There are no quiet zones. There are no peaceful mountains, no empty forests, no rushing rivers – no serenity. There simple are: People. Everywhere.

Sure – there are places you can travel to, to get that kind of scenery. You can travel to lakes, and rivers, forests and hills. But it isn’t the everyday life. Everyday life is people. People. And more people.

Earlier today, Amanda and I were talking. We were on one of our familiar topics: Are we going crazy? It seems that as of lately, the line between right and wrong, good and bad has been erased. No one seems to care. No one seems to be bothered. Happy to turn their heads, look the other way, ignore the problems. We tossed a few ideas around – maybe it was the large quantities of people, maybe it was the fact that people were tired, or maybe, was it possible – that since there were so many people – there were just MORE crazy people than we were used to deal with. Was that even possible?

Not five months ago, while holed up in the office at the shop – not having to see anyone for days if I didn’t want to, I thought life was to inhabited. “I don’t want to see another person!” I am commonly heard saying. Because sometimes, you need a break. A ten minute refresher to reset your mind, and relax.

Here? That isn’t possible.


In a town that is much, much smaller than our little island home – but with five times the amount of people – it’s impossible to have a moment to yourself.

With that many people, in the small of a location – you get more than your fair share of people. You hardly ever see the same person twice, but you always see them. People, people, people – Everywhere. Maybe it’s the condensed conditions in which people live – not an inch of space between their homes. Or maybe it’s the fact that there are so many of them that cause people to become burned out with the others around them.

We never did come to an official conclusion.  We mostly decided that since there were so many people, there were also MORE of the certain strain of nuts that like to officially ruin your day.


Either way – I have officially decided: Big cities, big towns, big places – are nice to visit. And don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed every single bit of time I have been here. But personally? I don’t think a smaller town with a little bit of breathing room ever did any harm to anyone.

Even if you do know most of the population in said town.

Week 32: August 17-23

17. He told me this would keep the spiders out.  So far so good.  I think I will leave it!


18. “The flowers of all the tomorrows, are in the seeds of today.”


19. Attempting to not get sick

1920. Random me


21. The cutest boots – ever!


22. My plans to not get sick didn’t pan out.

23. Mr Cheeky.  When we told him he had a cheeky look on he said “Take a picture of my cheeky look!” Who can resist that?


Hever Castle

Now that my time here is wrapping up, I’m finding myself looking back over the old pictures and sub-sequential memories that were made over the past four months.  Even though I documented much of my trip either here, in my journal or by picture – I still feel as though so much is lost in time.  Because it’s impossible to remember everything!

Back in April after we returned from Portugal (during the end of moms stay, and the rest of dads trip) we made the most of the time we had, and hit up a lot of the sites here.  Here is one particular day when we went to Hever Castle.

Upon our arrival, we sat down to have lunch and we were joined by a giant goose.  Duck.  Swan.  Whatever.  Giant white bird.



If I remember right – he tried stealing our lunch and got very upset when we didn’t give him as much as he wanted.

DSC_0202Hever castle:


We were excited about the moat…

DSC_0230Mom and Amanda:

DSC_0226The girlz:


{People are constantly asking Amanda and I if we are twins – we are constantly baffled by this fact since neither of us sees how they could possible ask this question.  Unfortunately, we ended up with some similar looking shirts.  When we came through the boarder in Portugal – we were both wearing the same sweater, and the boarder lady was having a difficult time telling us apart.}



Some flowers from the garden(s) that stretched on for miles!






Hello -From London

Today we ended up in London for the afternoon and attempted to hit up three different markets. London on a Saturday is busy. London markets on a Saturday are even busier! I was really wishing I were a few feet taller – because all I could see (and take pictures of) were people. People, people everywhere!

But then we hopped a ride on a double-decker bus, and had a birds eye view!


For all you skeptics out there who don’t believe that double-decker buses still exist (I had a customer argue with me once about their existence) here is proof they are alive and well!


Because of all the people, we didn’t stay in the markets too long, and I didn’t get too many pictures.


Then there was this handsome fella, who did his best to avoid the camera – until he struck a pose with a tree…


And even though he flat out refused to look at the camera, he was still cute.


While normal people were taking pictures of the palace and gold statues, and ducks and everything else – I was busy spinning around getting myself dizzy…

DSC_0896Speaking of ducks…


Someone was not too happy about having to turn his attention from the ducks, and get a picture taken with auntie.


I briefly looked away from the ducks to get a few pictures of the surroundings.


Then we hit up London bridge – because SOMEONE had it stuck in his mind that he had to paint it today.  His look says it all.


He alternated between saying ‘cheese’ and ‘painting!’ – whatever works.  He got to paint, and I got a picture of him actually looking my direction – and bonus for both his parents making it into the frame, success, no?


And then we went home.  Because duck watching, spinning, market hunting, bus riding and painting makes for a long, but fun, day.  Good-Bye, London!


Week 30: August 3 – 9

I was so proud this week.  I actually managed to take a picture every day this week.  I don’t know how long it has been since I have done that.  I will be honest tho, it felt like longer than a week!

3. S is for Sun

34. In the middle


5. A very uninspired “pile.”


6. I won’t lie – I was pretty proud of this picture.


7….and this one too.


8….I kind of liked this one too.


9. These were the same flowers – only in black and white.  I kind of liked how they turned out.


…and a bonus because I liked these so much.