Week 16

Ive skipped the last week and 1/2 because Nik was out getting repaired.  But he is home!  And Im happy!  And we leave in a week!  And here are some pictures!

Thursday – Nik came home!  To celebrate I hauled outside to get her picture.  She was about as thrilled as she looked.


Friday – This is one of the trouble dogs.  Enough said.


Saturday – Miss Yoshi, again.  Because you cant have too many pictures of Yoshi – right?


Sunday – Look!  Spring! Its here!



The Survivors Guide to Pre-Panic, and Panic

While it may seem like a thin line between Pre-Panic and full on Panic, they really are two different things. However, they both occur around the same time and are often confused, leaving those in its path – confused as well. Let me help those in the midst of either a “Pre-Panic” or “Panic”, by clarifying a few things.

Pre-Panic, and Panic occur generally before a big trip.  It is the process many refer to as “Preparation.”

Pre-Panic occurs first. It is often confused with either a “Deep clean” or a cleaning spur that is done before a guest were to arrive. It involves casually cleaning behind closed doors, vacuuming underneath chairs, and sorting through the junk drawers on rainy afternoons.

Pre-Panic often welcomes help. If asked Pre-Panic will most likely point you in the direction of a room. Pre-Panic comes and goes in the leading days before a trip, and can come in various stages.

Pre-Panic looks to discover what is making that lump under the rug, sweeps and mops beneath said rug – and beats or washes the rug before laying it back down.

Pre-Panic will clean here and there, whistling a tune, and making lists that vaguely outline the chores that should be accomplished.

Panic can come at any moment. And often can be reached through a Pre-Panic cleaning spree – with no return. Panic should not be taken lightly. You should remain out of the path of Panic at all costs. Do not offer to help, and do not sit by idly watching. You should also refrain from pointing out “Spots missed” or that you are “Hungry.” You might also want to avoid standing by making yourself something to eat.

Panic can often be found atop a ladder changing a light bulb, while planting seeds.

Panic does not look under the rug, but instead sweeps things UNDER it and wonders (while running to another task) how much more can be put beneath said rug before someone starts to wonder.

Panic is often viewed as a tornado, a whirlwind, or a clean that occurs before the president unexpectedly drops in. Panic does not stop to make a list, but if it were to stop – the list would simply read “QUIT READING ME! GET TO WORK! CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!”

Panic will be awake until 4am. And awake again at 5.

To Survive Panic (assuming you are not involved with Panic yourself):

  • Hide. Do not stand, sit, or look idle.
  • Don’t Speak. Panic wont hear you anyways, but what you do say will be twisted into something along the lines of “You missed a spot.”
  • Run. You cant outrun Panic, but atleast you will look active and you might be left alone for that microsecond.
  • Don’t. Don’t speak, Don’t eat, Don’t sit, Don’t stand. Don’t run, Don’t talk, Don’t comment. Don’t not speak, Don’t not stand, Don’t not sit….
  • Nothing. There is absolutely nothing you can do to survive Panic completely. You will eventually emerge – with a cleaner house, but until then – there is nothing you can do but throw yourself at the feet of Panic and do as it says.

It is important to remember that Pre-Panic may interchange with Panic, but Panic can NEVER interchange with Pre-Panic.

Oh, Monday

I used to like Monday. While everyone else would cringe because Monday was coming, and dread the day – I would look forward to it. I love the starting of a new work week, and I loved that there was a whole week to accomplish things. Weird, perhaps, but I did love me a good Monday. And then…the last few weeks have happened. And then yesterday happened, and I honestly would not care if we skip right on over every Monday there is to come.

Its not that anything particularly life altering tragic happened – its just that every single thing that could go wrong – did. And everything that could go right – went wrong. And the day could not end fast enough.

You see, Sunday started things off on a bad note. When I returned to the shop I discovered that the dog I am watching – broke out of his kennel and destroyed the office. Wait, let me back up. That morning I did my dog sitting duties that included taking the dogs outside, cleaning up their crates, and returning them back to their crates for two, maybe three hours. When I returned – I was greeted at the door by none other than the trouble maker himself.

There were floods, rivers, and mountains (if you catch my drift). Stuffed animals ripped, my coffee cup – broke. Plastic, paper, keys – scattered around the office. Our water filter – chewed to bits. By destroyed – I do mean destroyed. In that it took me two hours, two rolls of paper towels, and ½ a gallon of bleach to clean. That. Was Sunday.

Monday, was like Sunday – only repeated. Not even 12 hours after I cleaned the previous mess up. I should also mention that he has broken through chains, metal bars, and everything else designed to keep him in his kennel. Yesterday he refused to go outside – yet 10 seconds after retuning in, he would go. All over the floor. He was scared of the rain – which meant that I got hauled outside by two 50 pound dogs, and then had to literally, drag them both back in because they were too scared to move in the rain.

It meant that I hurt my back, had no coffee cup (see Sunday), the internet went out (for TWO HOURS people, TWO HOURS), floodgates were broken, my computer was unplugged, messes were made, cleaned, and made again. It was just one of those down right horrible days. And meanwhile, a gazillion and one miles away – Amanda was having troubles of her own. Their roof – leaked. This just a few days after another roof leak – which ruined their computer.

Needless to say – Mondays? Are no longer my friend. Tuesdays however…Tuesday and I are so far, best friends. Lets just hope it stays that way!

Week 13: Dogs, Flowers and Spring!

Monday – Honey is probably one of the sweetest dogs I know.  I was a little worried to watch her because just last week, Yoshi took a snap at her.  But they did good.


Tuesday – I did it!


Wednesday – This little guy, combined with the skunk cabbage and robins tells me spring IS HERE!  Well that and the sunny 60 degree weather we have been experiencing!


Thursday – I sent my camera off to be cleaned (he has some TERRIBLE black spots that I couldnt get rid of) so was forced to go to the archives this week.  This is Italy last year.  It kind of makes me want to eat fresh bread and mozzarella balls all over again.


Friday – Flowers are popping up all over here, so I found this one from the archives – England of last year.


Saturday – Another favorite from last year.


Sunday – Spring! Is! Here!  Or it was last year.  And is this year, I just dont have pictures this year yet!


Week 12: Yoshi, Bob, and Summer

Monday – Yoshis new ball has a squeaker.  She absolutely ADORES this ball, and when Bob (who you will meet in a few pictures) came over – he STOLE her ball!  Needless to say they fought over the ball the entire week until  I finally smartened up and took it away!


Tuesday – This is Bob.  He is a shepherd husky mix.  He came to stay with us for the week while his owners were out of town.  Bob loved to tease Yoshi.  Yoshi didnt like this so much.

2Wednesday – The delayed flower.  While the rest of the flowers have long since been dead, this one is getting a late start – and Im not complaining!

3Thursday – Spring is still coming?  I forget what I was going for this day.

4Friday – Bob the innocent.  He was sneaky with Yoshis ball.  I was trying to spend some extra special time with Yoshi so she didnt get jealous – and one trip, Yoshi turned and high tailed it back to the office.  Bob.  Had stolen her ball (again) and was taunting her with it.

5Saturday – We had a burst of sunny weather this weekend, Ahhhh.  I dont care what ANYONE says – there is no place more beautiful than Alaska on a sunny day!

6Today – Ahh Miss Yoshi.  Some days.


Green Chile Pork

I have a new favorite.  I made it the other night, there was just dad and I.  There were no leftovers.  Usually with just two, there are usually left overs for a few nights.  Not tonight.  It was so.  Good.

  • 1 pork roast – cut into bite sized chunks (I had a pork roast I got on sale, but I am pretty sure you can use any piece of pork)
  • 1 cup chicken broth
  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 1 large can green chile sauce
  • 3 tomatillos, peeled and diced
  • 1 medium onion, diced
  • black pepper, salt, cumin

And thats it.  Put it all in the crock pot on high for 6-8 hours.

I served ours over rice with cheese quesadillas, but you could really do whatever you want with them.  Originally I had planned on turning them into enchiladas, but I was too tired to bother doing that.  Either way – its a new favorite, one that has added ‘pork’ to my shopping list.

Mindless Fun

What is the last thing you watched on TV? King of Queens. No its not educational, doesnt have any value, and probably isnt the most beneficial show to be watching, but its funny.

When did you last step outside? What were you doing? Just a few minutes ago. I was walking home to start dinner, and then walked back to the shop. Late night here.

What is on the walls of the room you are in? Our walls are a mishmash. Of course Im in the shop office, so there is a little bit of everything: Keys, certificates, calendars, pictures, paintings.

If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy? Oh boy. Ive been on a spending spree lately, every time I get a few dollars I just want to spend it. Becoming a multi-millionaire at this point PROBABLY wouldnt be the best idea because I would probably just buy candy, clothes, and other nonsense.

Who made the last incoming call on your phone? A summertime gift shop owner. Reminding me summer is coming. No, thats not what he said – but he only comes to town in the summer – so summer MUST be coming.

What was the last book you read? Ha. I dont really read books. I mean I do. I mean. Yea. Im in the process of trying to start reading The Hunger Games.

If you could change something about your home, without worry about expense or mess, what would you do? My bedroom. Totally. Its been a work in progress for the past….ten years. I need inspiration. Right now its got ugly green carpet, a bright blue wall, and a nice purple wall. Its long. Its short. Its quite ugly.

What was the last thing you bought? Toothpaste and socks.

Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? Lush. Never heard of it? You are SO MISSING OUT. See? Becoming a multimillionaire would probably result in me buying out the store. And then some.

Is the glass half empty or half full? One of my favorite quotes goes: “Some see the glass as 1/2 empty, others as 1/2 full. I see a glass and wonder whos been drinking out of it.”

Name something that took you by surprise. It was apparently, windy today. I didnt know it was, and thought it was a beautiful spring day – despite being out in the weather a few times, I still didnt realize it was windy until the smoke came billowing down the chimchimminey.

Name one TV show you will watch every time it’s on. I dont know about EVERY time its on, but I like to watch sitcoms (Like King of Queens.) Or thrillers. One extreme to the other.

Name a movie you will watch no matter how many times you’ve seen it. I have a small collection of these movies, and I rotate them out every so often. Two of my all time favorites are: Death at a funeral, and Despicable me 2.

What’s your favorite musical? I dislike musicals with a passion. Sorry. But I do.

What’s the farthest-away place you’ve been? Europe? China? Depends which way you go I guess.

What’s under your bed? Dust bunnies. My bed is up on stilts, I guess you could say. Its a hacked off version of a loft bed. But I hate anything under there – Have to be able to see that no ones hiding under there before I go to sleep. Having stuff gives them something to hide behind.

What is your favorite time of the day? That moment when everyone is in bed, and its just me for a few moments. And then I get tired and fall asleep and ruin my favorite time of the day.

What Inspires You? Really good writing. (going to steal this answer because its too good to not).

Your turn!


I woke up this morning, 5 minutes before my alarm.  Equally annoying and nice – to have a few minutes to wake up, yet also wishing I could have slept…just that much longer.  I remembered it was St. Patrick’s day, and chose to wear green – instead of blue.  Not that anyone would care.  But I would.  I even matched my socks to my shirt.  Yes.  Today was going to be a stellar day.  An awesome day.  I had it all planned out.

And then I got to the shop – only to realize I forgot Yoshi’s food.  And it was raining.  But a walk home was in order – because dog needs her food!  And still…the day was going to go just as planned.  I would meet my deadlines, call all the customers, and solve the entire worlds problems – in the few short hours I had today.

Everything was going as planned.  As I had planned.  And then it happened.

The wrong part was ordered.

The wrong item showed up in the mail.

Another wrong part.

Ticket prices nearly doubled.

I couldn’t find the right words I needed.

Our renters were being evicted.  Again.  For lack of payment.  AGAIN.

My day was spiraling out of control.  Everything that could go wrong, would go wrong, and was going wrong.  “Why cant one GOOD thing happen!” I yelled to no one in particular.  I grumbled my way through estimates, phone calls, and other various things.  All while wondering when.  When would something good finally happen today.  Why couldn’t my day go as I had planned?

Finally, after getting fed up with myself – I took Yoshi for a walk.  It rained.  Then hailed.  Then snowed.  Because of course.  Why not!  Why wouldn’t it!

As I ran, I started to think over all the things that had happened today.  All the minor inconvenient, silly, stupid things that had ruined my day.  My plans.  My way.  My ideas.  Me. Me. Me.  I ran a bit further.  Yea.  The parts were wrong.  So?  So what!  A minor, mere inconvenience in my day.  Nothing more, nothing less.  A problem that could be solved in less than ten minutes.

So what if the wrong things showed up?  So what if prices doubled today?  They will go down tomorrow – I just have to wait.  Waiting – is never in my plans.  But its something I need to learn to do more of.  Waiting, patiently.

But what about the good things?  It was then I realized my mistake.  Plenty of good things had happened.  Plenty of good things WERE happening.  Atleast we have customers, willing to pay for parts.  Atleast the customers are usually understanding about wrong parts.  Atleast we have time to wait for tickets to drop in price.  Atleast.  ATLEAST!  At most – we have so much more.  So much more.

In the light of everything – these silly little things really don’t mean anything.  Sure, they ruined my day.  But not even that.  These things didn’t ruin my day.  I.  Ruined my day.  My attitude.  Ruined my day.  Or, atleast, they were ruining my day.

By the time I got back from my run, I had a new perspective.  A better attitude.  So what if a few things went wrong today.  Plenty of things were good today – there is always the good, even if I choose not to look at it.  And why, would anyone, myself included – choose to focus on the negative, when there are plenty of great and awesome things happening all around?


Yoshi is almost always happy – even despite the snow.

Week 10: Where did it go?

1. Monday – Cute cards I found and challenged myself to write in and send – in one week.  Accomplished!  Woo hoo!


2. Tuesday – Was so cold.  Coffee was a life saver.  As it is most days.  Oh, coffee.


3. Wednesday – The reason I was cold?  I was getting a cold.  Figures.  I usually am pretty routine with my colds.  Starts with a sore throat, then gradually gets worse.  Not this time.  I battled a ‘weird’ throat for about 2 days, and then went full fledged, over the top, sick.  Sore throat, head cold, stomach flu all rolled up into one neat package.


4. Thursday – Still holding out hope for Spring!  And feeling especially lazy, not knowing that the full brunt of the ‘cold’ was about to hit.


5. Friday – By Friday I was done.  I took a three hour nap, went to bed at 10, and slept until noon the following day.  Yoshi was worried.  Mainly that I was napping before dinner.  She spent the entire nap snuggled right up next to me, nose in my face as if to say “Ummm…You forgot the food.”


6. Saturday – After sleeping so much of my ‘valuable hours’ away – I work best in the late hours at night so missing out on that time Friday really did me in – I was racing to catch my tail, only to discover we LOST an hour!

87. Today – Poor girl had a long and exhausting day.  Oh Yoshi, you are too much sometimes.  :)