Lightning Storms

According to the news, on Friday “Over 3000 strikes were recorded in just over 2 hours.”


lightning2(picture linked to source)

A few weeks ago we got a note basically saying that we had a curfew. In more or less words – we had to restrain from making noise after 11:30 at night, and while that might not seem like a hard thing, when most of your work is accomplished after midnight – it’s been challenging. One of the hardest nights is Thursday. Thursday night here is ‘movie night’ where a group of us get together to watch a movie on the projector. Normally these nights don’t end until well after midnight – so coming back upstairs, getting ready for bed and going into our respective rooms can be challenging.

Last night was no exception. At 1am we sheepishly climbed the stairs said good night via sign language and refrained from running any water. I turned out the light, climbed into bed and closed my eyes. Every once and a while I would awake to a loud crashing, and lightning. I looked out the window but didn’t see anything worth taking pictures of, turned out the fan and climbed back into bed.

“The good thing” I reasoned with myself “Is that if there is reason to worry, David and Amanda will surely alert me.” I rolled over to go back to sleep.

Crashing. But this was different. This was crashing outside the bedroom door.

Not moments later the door bust open.

Lightning crashed and illuminated the door – which is when I saw three pairs of wide eyes, a mountain of blankets, pillows, bed head and pjs. The crashing came from them barreling out of their room with blankets, pillows and other needed items for a camp out. It was fitting, after all. Since just a few days prior we had been discussing a camping trip. All we needed now was a tent.

“CHIIIIIIR!” Amanda whisper yelled. The tone in her voice said something was wrong. Very wrong. “WE’RE SCARED!” I grabbed the blanket and held it close. “WHY!” I asked, fear ran down my spine. “THE STORM IS REALLY BAD AND WE ARE EVACUATING!” Her tone said it all, and I joined the blanket evacuation. Hard as we tried, the doors creaked and slammed behind us.

Blankets and pillows followed us down the stairs, another bolt of lightning lit up the stair well. We hurried. As if running to the cellar to escape the great tornado, not running to the downstairs room because of lightning.

Huddled under blankets we watched as the lightning hit over and over. Storms. They aren’t our thing. Especially thunder and lightning storms.

We don’t do the lightning storms.


_76350839_weather_stevenshears1jpg(picture linked to source)

The following day we shampooed the carpets <– While this may seem out of place, it is very important to the story.

Later that night I went to bed as usual. There was some thunder and some lightning, but nothing serious, yet. Amanda had mentioned they might come over and sleep in here, but nothing was confirmed – and they went to bed. Or so I thought. I jokingly told her that I would see them at 2 am and continued about my business.

1:56am – The door busts open.

Turns out that the chemical smells from the carpet shampoo was giving both David and Amanda problems. David felt sick, and Amanda couldn’t breathe. They couldn’t sleep downstairs because there was an early morning meeting, but they couldn’t sleep in their room either. Could they sleep in mine?

My room is already small. Add in three extra people and it gets even smaller. It was hot already. But add in extra bodies and the heat doubles. The window was open, but it was doing little good, so we decided to crack the door. The only problem was – the noise carried down the hall. The little fan did little to reduce the heat, and Amanda was still having problems breathing.

It was, a long, hot, restless night.

The following day – the author of the note requesting our cooperation and silence after 11:30 at night asked what had possibly happened.  Was the roof leaking?  Fortunately for all involved, the roof was not leaking again – we were just practicing our evacuation routes.


We are {tired} yet proud survivors of yet another storm. But just barely.  Who knows, maybe someday we will write the “Survivors Guide to Storms” since we are pros, and all.

Week 28: July 14-20

14. The fact that the internet was out for a better part of the week forced me to pick up my camera more than I have been.  I guess, tho, each week is not complete without a missing photo.

15. Monkey socks make everything better.


16. He thought it was hilarious to wear my shoes.  They were a bit big – but cute none the less.


17. The birthday balloon that almost wasn’t.  The story goes something like this: Get free balloon.  Balloon flies away.  Tears.  Many many tears.  Purchase expensive new balloon to replace the free lost one.  Think its at least worth a picture.


18. So many storms this week.  Dark clouds.  Thunder.  Lightning.  A post will soon follow on how we fared.  Or, you know, didn’t.


19. A secret passage way, perhaps?


20. Moments after I picked these flowers – they wilted up and practically died.  I guess that just proves I cant keep any flower alive!



Send backup.  Alert the press.  Send help – and fast!

We are on day five of no internet.

Someone send help!

If its not back on by tomorrow – I fear for the safety of the internet providers.

Either way – send help!

We have circled through the seven stages of grief, and have settled on alternating between denial, anger and sadness.  We have watched all our movies – twice, and even made a special trip to purchase MORE movies.  Last night, we even played an impromptu game of ultimate Frisbee and have had discussions such as “Bob the builder has an English accent?” more than once.

We can also refer to these posts to find out what happens when the internet leaves us (for just a few hours!!)

The Day the Internet Left


Also, just because its relevant for life these days!

How is life in the internet world?  What are we missing – besides a giant part of our lives, of course!

Good-Bye, Greece



I know we got off to a bad start.  With our high expectations and what not.  I know we called you some not so nice names, and swore up and down we would never return to your horrible country side, without any nice beaches.


But now that we are hours away from boarding a plane and leaving you behind with all the memories we made here the past week, I’m thinking back over some of those memories we made, and wishing we had more than a week.  We were just starting to warm up to you – no puns intended.


While there were definitely some moments that were less than stellar, there were some moments that stood out.  Moments like when we came into our room and didn’t realize it had been cleaned, and instead thought we were robbed.


The bike rides, the hot sun, the swimming everyday.


Most times when it comes to traveling, the thrill of a new place adds to the excitement of a new place.  The not knowing what to expect, not knowing what you will see, not knowing what you will discover next.  But with you, Greece, we KNEW what to expect – except that apparently, we didn’t.


And while you may not have provided us with the images in our mind – you provided us with something different.  A careful understanding that expectations when traveling to a new place – are not always a good thing.  That having an open mind is a great way to learn new things, and experience different places.  And of course – you tossed in some random beauty as well – Because whats Greece if not beautiful?


Thanks for the great time.  Sure, it was different – but now that it is over, we are left wanting more and are sad to leave.  I must admit, there for a while, you turned me off of traveling, but now?  You have inspired me to travel more – and find the beauty hidden within.

Until we meet again!

Greece: Day 7

We leave tomorrow.  Bright and early.  Although not as early as today.

Today we got up early in hopes on finding one last hidden gem in this place.  We had heard there was a town about an hour away that sounded interesting.  But not wanting to get stuck on a bus with no AC (because as they say here “Its not hot!!”) in the middle of the day – we decided to get up early, and catch the first bus out at 7am.  The plan was really quite simple.  Too simple.  Get up early, spend a few hours in the town – then head home before noon.

Everything was going smoothly.  We packed the night before, were at the bus stop in plenty of time, and even managed to catch the right bus.

This in and of itself is a task worthy of mention – it normally takes a good few hours to get everyone out of a place.  We even managed to ‘pack light’ since we were only going for a few hours.

We jumped on the bus, found our way to the very last row, sat down and off we went.

All of that is worthy of mentioning because of a certain little somebody.

The place we stayed is very coastal.  The roads are narrow, with sharp corners.  In the back of the bus you get the worst of it, almost in a double sense since the rear of the bus fish tails around the corners making it impossible to keep up.  David and Amanda both mentioned not feeling so hot, when it happened.  Judah got sick.

Since we ‘packed light’ there were no spare clothes.  For anyone.  The bus finally stopped 30 minutes later.  But now we had an even bigger problem.  With no spare clothes, the sun would be coming out in full strength in a few hours.  We walked around, but couldn’t find the town center and decided it wasn’t worth it to get burnt, especially since Judah was now only wearing his diaper.

The ride home went smoother, and we finished off our final day at the beach.

Sure, we got off to a rough start.  But leaving Greece is going to be sad.  As always, until we meet again…


Greece Day 5 {We forgive you, Greece}

Last night after an episode involving too little counter space, which ended in me literally stepping in dinner – we all went to bed wondering what we had gotten ourselves into. Or at least, I did. It wasn’t that all Greece is bad – it couldn’t be, could it? But with our recent adventures in so called “Greece” I for one was beginning to question my decision in coming to this place that seemed so wonderful – yet just wasn’t.

We had booked a tour – a tour that claimed to be wonderful. One that promised beautiful beaches, and secret coves. But hadn’t Greece promised that as well? Our biggest fear now was that we would wake up early and get on a boat that would cook us the rest of the way.

But today? Today we forgave Greece. And decided that instead of being angry at Greece, we would be angry at the little tiny town that we happened to drop into – and can’t seem to get away from. Until today. Because today? Made us want to come back to Greece – if only just for the boat tour.

We don’t normally book tours. We are sort of “Do it yourself tour guides” when it comes to traveling but here? We needed something that showed us the Greece we were looking for. The Greece that inspired us to travel some more.

The tour? Was amazing. It was relaxed, laid back, and fun. They pulled into multiple stops – with swimming at nearly all of them. They let you jump straight from the boat into the water, fed a meal with enough food for seconds, and took us to see the Greece of our dreams. The Greece we always knew was there – but was just out of reach.

I will let the pictures do the talking. Just know that some of Greece? Is really, really awesome. And this tour? Was out of this world awesome.

Here are 10 reasons why I am forgiving Greece today:



This was a real beach, with real water that looked AMAZING.  It wasnt a swimming pool, it wasnt just a picture – it was REAL.












Greece Day 4

Often when we travel, we find ourselves needing a vacation to recover from our vacation. We attempt to travel light, and cheap. As a result we usually end up with some interesting stories to tell. I’m not yet sure what stories will come from Greece, although I suspect we will have a few. Just not the ones we were planning on.

We discovered last night that the beaches and locations of Greece that we were looking forward to the most – were on the west coast of the Island we are on. Unfortunately, we happen to be on the east coast. While it may only take 10 minutes by car, we have bikes. And while it may only be 2.5 miles to get there, and in any other circumstances – 2.5 miles is a cakewalk, here it is anything but.

The sun has wiped us all out. Or at least, has wiped Amanda and I out completely. If not for the AC I’m not sure where we would be. This afternoon we started out on the trek across the way. A 2.5 mile journey with the promise of ice cream and sandy beaches, David lured us out of our nice AC room. All was well for the first bit of time until things started looking a little…deserted.


We joked about being on another episode of “I shouldn’t be alive” but still continued on. The paved road turned into a gravel road, which turned into a dirt path, and eventually looked more like an un-mown field than anything. Old olive trees, a few houses, roosters, and a whole lot of empty fields.  A far cry from our visions of deep blue water, and bright blue skies.


Not the Greece we had in mind.

By the time we returned – we were all completely wiped out. It was, in fact, the hottest part of the day and the sun was so intense. After a quick dip in the pool, we decided that there is one thing people have right about the hottest part of the day – and that is napping.

First world problems that make us sound like spoiled brats who came to a dream land of a country only to complain. Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure Greece is an awesome country – I’m also sure that its awesomeness starts about 2.5 miles from here and is just out of reach. I’m also confident that we will make it there, to see this awesomeness – sometime this week.


Sometimes it takes all we have to make it down the stairs to that pool.  The sun.  Its hot. 

I just hope the A/C holds out long enough.