You Capture:Shapes

Im not feeling very creative today..not that I ever AM, but Im not feeling up to doing much with my pictures today.  I usually work on pictures on the weekend, when Im not doing much else, but this weekend, we were still in Canada, and on the ferry coming home.  So pictures didnt get done then. 

Plus I have a lot of my mind today (a lot of nonsense) but I cant find it in me to do anything crazy…so I will just post pictures, which are crazy enough!!

I took these while in Oregon, remember I mentioned I had taken some really cool shots at the park?  Yea, well when I saw this weeks “You Capture” while sitting in a motel room in Canada, I was excited…and had a post all done up in my mind.


So I bring you my version of this weeks “You Capture: Shapes” from “I should be folding laundry”



For a different sort of take, I thought these pictures had some good “Shape” to them, plus I was really proud of how they turned out (I know, I know)

My marble pictures. 

A short story, first.  I took Marschel with me to the park, and got the random idea to send him up the slide to let the marbles slide down, but didnt say anything…thinking he wouldnt want to go up.  But then out of the blue he goes “Hey, give me the marbles!” and points up the slide.

I was stoaked.

But the only picture I got, were of the empty slide, a few strands of hair, and the wind.  Because those marbles can FLY.  And fly they did.  We spent the next 20 minutes “Looking for our lost marbles” and laughing at how funny it sounded.

A lone marble:

These next two were among my favorites:

“Hey, I lost my marbles…dont mind me any”

Marbles on the water fountain:

I was going to turn the water on, and get some pictures of the water splasing off, but the water was turned off for the season, bummer.

Found; Marbles:

This one was taken in our motel room in Canada.  I was trying to get the reflection of the sun shining through them. 

A marble, heart:

…and of course, on Valentines day, we had to pull over and draw a heart in the snow…


9 thoughts on “You Capture:Shapes”

  1. All these are really nice. I am so sick of the snow but I really like your cute little heart. The marbles and playground equipment are neat too. I can’t wait to be able to head back to the park when the snow melts.

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