You Capture: Everyday things

This weeks You Capture was “Every day things” I had a few ideas, but when it came down to it, I really wanted to just post the things that I see every day, that take for granit (Not sure how to spell that word).  The things that I see Every day, get to enjoy every day, and dont really take time to notice, because they are there…every day.

Like the beauty in a flower

With a sunset behind it

Or walking a bit further to see the sun going down behind the clouds on the water

Things that I dont take the time to appreciate, because they are here, around me, every day.  Things like Alaska, and family, and life in general.

Things that surround me every day.  Things like love.  Like freedom.  Like friends.

Like being able to wake up in the morning, and being surrounded by Gods creation and beauty…even though I dont take the time to fully appreciate it.  Or grasp it.

Sometimes, all it takes is something small, and sometimes, it takes something big to make you realize, that every day is a new start.  That every day is a gift that God has given.  I need to start appreciating every day a little bit more.  These past few weeks have been full of great reminders, that life is a vapor.


6 thoughts on “You Capture: Everyday things”

  1. So far my mom sounds like she’s having fun in AK!!! Her and her bro are currently trekking around Kodiak Island. The plane that crashed in Denali last week was right behind my uncle’s cabin so kind of freaky. Hopefully I’ll get to come up and visit sometime!

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