You Capture: Outside

We were outside quite a bit this weekend, any ideas why?

Painting.  So much fun.  No, we didnt actually make it up there – ever tried getting on one of those?  Let me tell you, its much scarier than it looks – and Im not afraid of heights – just being that high up, on THAT contraption, with a bucket of paint…and yea.

We did paint these stairs tho



I didnt get too many other painting pictures, because cameras + paint dont mix.

These have made an appearance this week, but I took them for this weeks “You Capture”



Red sky

…and my not-so-good-but-better-than-anything-ive-tried-before, moon picture

…and then it rained, and I didnt get outside anymore.

The end.


9 thoughts on “You Capture: Outside”

  1. Wow that moon picture is awesome. Love the color of the stairs. Sorry I haven’t visited your blog before. Thanks for taking the time to read mine. I look forward to getting to know you. I don’t care if you are not married and don’t have kids. 😀 Thanks again!

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