Weekly winners: 08-22 – 08-28

We spent a lot of time this week (or past week I guess) outside trying to paint a little before the summer ends.  I didnt get a lot of time with my camera, because like I said before paint  + cameras dont mix.

Up there?

Dad also started tearing down the old paneling in our dining room and replacing it with sheet rock / drywall whatever the technical term is…I dont know!  Anyway, when he had it all torn up, Tomcat would sit there and stare up.  I dont know WHAT he was looking at, but it must have been interesting.

He doesnt appreciate the house being all torn up, poor kitty.

I had to include this one from our “Fashion shoot” because even when shes goofy…shes still pretty 🙂  The sweater on the other hand, is up for debate!!

Being goofy together (yes I took this one, thus the triple chin look Ive got going!!)

And this one is more for my sister than anyone.  It has a story, that is most likely only funny to us, and would end with “The end” and crickets.  So I wont bore you, but Amanda this is for you.  Your welcome.

What have YOU been up to this week? Anything goofy, crazy or a little bit nuts?


5 thoughts on “Weekly winners: 08-22 – 08-28”

  1. I love the one in the sweater, it just looks like a picture you’d look at in 20 years and feel all warm and fuzzy and lovey. This week we enjoyed the summer – school hasn’t started here yet, but soon!

  2. Love that ladder shot – what a cool POV. Looks like you’re still having fun, even if the cat isn’t. 😉

    We’ve just been winding down after a month of travel weirdness and such. Getting back into the groove of things and trying to figure out how to get our car fixed. Bleh.

  3. Good luck with all your remodeling! The ladder shot is awesome and your cat is so… intriguing, for lack of a better word. And the fashion shoot just looks like FUN!!

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