Happiness Project: Old Treasures

{Day 7}

Today my happiness comes from WAY BACK.  Way back…twenty years ago when I was a baby (Just saying that makes me feel so old.  So very very old).  Last night my sister and I were going through old journals and pictures and came across this one.  It had us both laughing.

November 1990

“Thats when I stopped liking dolls” She told me.  “You would scream at me”

Incase you didn’t catch it – that’s me.  In the doll cradle, while my sister attempts to “Feed” me a doll bottle.

In my defense, Im sure any baby in its right mind would scream if a mad scientist such as herself tried shoving a fake bottle at them!

I also don’t know why I sported a Chinese look most of my baby days.

My sister and Iwe go way back.


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