You Capture: Spring ’11

I found it kind of funny to look back and see the difference between this year, and last years “You Capture: Spring” post.

Last year we were in England.

This year, I miss last year.

I had a big thing about why and what I miss…but Im trying not to complain as much…

I guess sometimes scenes like these turn “Routine.”  You see it so often, you forget to appreciate it.

In just a few months this stuff will be feet tall…

I guess the one thing that hasnt changed much in the past year – I still love taking pictures of flowers!

Oh, and um, I guess I havent posted since last week!  The answer to why Slim was happy – was because we are in the process of getting a puppy.  🙂


9 thoughts on “You Capture: Spring ’11”

  1. I definitely don’t get to see scenes like that very often. Your photo is stunning. They are all beautiful. The first and last are my favorites.

  2. That first photo is just beautiful – living in the heart of dry, flat Texas we don’t get scenery like that, but oh my, I don’t think I could ever tire of such a sight.

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