You Capture: Outside

Ive been outside A LOT these past few days thanks to puppy (read: every 30 minutes, and were still not “Making it”) but I havent been dragging my camera out there – its been raining.

Earlier this week – (on my birthday!) I did happen to get outside to take these pictures – before puppy came along and before I knew I would never have time to take another photo.

Ive been waiting to post them, and then forgot all about them…Or did I post them?  I cant remember now!  Either way.  They started out on my desk, but I moved them outside and put black paper behind them.  I may have gone a little…overboard with them, but Im glad I did – considering they are the only “Outside” shots I got this week!

And now its time to go back outside, in the rain, to beg a certain puppy to do a certain thing…


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