Week 3: 01-21 – 01-27

Three weeks!  This week seemed more like routine, not “Must take picture” but rather “What can I take a picture of!”  I will be traveling this week (and will be gone for the next 6 weeks!) so Im excited to see if I can keep up with things when Im gone.  I sure hope so, since this was really the inspiration of taking once-a-day pictures.  Next week Im hoping to get things smoothed out and start posting on Mondays instead of random days.  We will see how it all goes!

01.21 / Crazy for the snow
01.22 / Light show
01.23 / Pretty in green
01.24 / My "Friends" and I are getting ready for the trip
01.25 / Suitcase Score
01.26 / 68 statements printed, stuffed, and stamped
01.27 / Whats wrong with this picture?
01.28 / This is me. Trying to kick a cold before our trip. Can we say, desperate?
01.29 / Nothing like surprise shoes coming in the mail!

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