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You Capture: B

This weeks “B’s” came from unexpected places.  I went for a few walks hoping to capture a “Bear” but the only bears I saw disappeared before I had a chance to get their picture.  Instead I had to settle for some hidden “B’s”

B is for:


I have no idea what this is…a “Blue Berry” on a stick?:




Earlier this week I told my sister (and co-blogger) Amanda (aka: Capn’ Manda) that the theme this week was “B” and she even got some “B” pictures from England!

B from England is for:

Big Ben!:

Lots of “B” in this next one!

“Baby, Big Boy, Blue, Bald!” (otherwise known as Judah (the cutest nephew EVER!) getting a free ride on his dads, dads shoulder!):

“Bye-Bye Baby Blue!”:

…and that concludes our B’s!


7 thoughts on “You Capture: B”

  1. What a great post. I love it when your sister’s pics get in the mix however I’d be hard pressed to say whose I like better. The belly shot and the bubble shot stick in my mind from yours and Big Ben from hers!

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