You Capture: A photo a day

This week was a bit of a challenge for me (in a good way I suppose) in that I hardly EVER take a picture each day.  Most times I take pictures every few days or when something catches my eye – but very rarely do I have a picture from everyday.  Thus the reason I have never been able to successfully complete a 365 challenge.  But I got a picture everyday this week, not a good one, but atleast one.

08.13 – Someone got their rabies shot

08.14 – Pretty hair things Amanda sent me

08.15 – I love this quote.  Its in my journal.

08.16 – Been a beautiful week here!

08.17 – Pouting pup

08.18 – Notes from the week

08.19 – Flower

And now Nik will most likely sit in the corner to recover from his very much random week!


7 thoughts on “You Capture: A photo a day”

  1. Thant was nice of Amanda to send you those pretty hair things.
    Is the pup pouting because of the shot? It’s for his own good 😉
    Nice flower!

  2. Your captures are wonderful and varied and interesting. Isn’t it kind of like a diary, in a way, recording your everyday events for all posterity? The last shot might be my favorite but not by a wide margin because they’re all so good.

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