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You Capture: Play

Pretty much true to my word, I didnt take my camera out a single time this week.  In my defense the weather has been crummy all week and taking him on walks in the rain just isnt that much fun unless there is something Im hoping to get.  Sunday turned out to be a beautiful 70 degree weather day.  I know that doesnt sound like much but here 70 is just awesome.

Yoshi was begging to go out and play and I just couldnt say no.  So Nik and I followed her around playing with ropes and bubbles.

I was blowing bubbles and snapping pictures at the same time – coordinated I am not – a lot of the pictures were of the ground etc.  Much like last time

, but this little bubble happened to make a nice picture I thought:

She wanted to play SO bad but didnt have her toys outside…she played with her rope that she was tied up to instead:

A play mate!!

Finally got her toy rope…

…and someone to play tug-o-war with her.

Then it was back to chasing bubbles…

…and making funny faces in them.

And then the dreaded time of day…going in from a hard day of play…

Good-bye Summer sun!


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