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Spider – 1 Me – 0

I have a confession to make, although it’s not so much a confession as it is a statement: I hate spiders.

Awhile ago I tried to understand just what it was about them that made me hate them so much -going with the theory that if I understood them more, perhaps I wouldn’t hate them. I couldn’t do it. Everything about them -everything that they are, all their legs, eyes, walking style -it creeps me out.

The fact that they hide out in weird places -such as the bathroom, or shower -does nothing to improve my opinion of them. Spiders are creepy.

I have tried staring at them, learning about them, looking at pictures of them -and it all ends the same way -with me wigging out.

I also happen to have a theory that if I find a spider inside and kill him -his family will see me killing him and come for me in the night. As a result, I have found myself transporting many-a-spider outside, alive and well.

This all came to an end yesterday morning.

I was laying in bed, minding my own business -sleeping, when I felt something drop into my ear. I brushed it off, assuming it was just my hair…until…

I heard noises and felt something moving around INSIDE my ear.

Yep. Something had dropped into my ear canal and was now attempting to kill me from inside. Or get out. Or something. It didn’t matter. Because one cannot simply swat it away as I quickly realized. I ran around screaming slapping the side of my head to no avail. The scratching (which was VERY loud, seeing how it was in my ear) and flapping was more than enough to panic me. I remained calm by telling myself it was just a fly -and somehow, managed to flip it out with my finger. Which is when I saw this:

It was a spider. It might not look like much -but he was IN MY EAR. I don’t like spiders looking at me from a distance -this one crossed the line.

A spider. In my ear. Dropping in my ear while I was in bed.

I no longer care where they hail from or what they save the world from. Needless to say while he was alive when he came out of my ear (GAH!) he didn’t survive long…and any family members that attempt to take revenge will be in the same situations.

In the meantime, I have my peppermint oil diffuser going full time. I’ve sprinkled the surrounding areas of my bed with peppermint oil and even considered wearing ear muffs to bed with a bug net over my face.


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Rockin’ the Mustache

Sometimes,  you step into a random photo booth armed with a paper mustache and an empty popcorn container.  You don the popcorn container as a hat, put your ‘stache on and smile -you give it all you’ve got…and then you laugh for days to come.


Upper left: The teeth.  Oh.  The teeth.  I will laugh for years to come. 

Upper right: That horrible moment when your popcorn hat falls off minutes before the camera snaps the picture.

Lower left: We got this.  We can behave.  Mustaches and all!

Lower right: …and then your sister’s popcorn hat falls off moments before the camera takes the picture, but she is more graceful and managed to prop it up while you dissolve into a pile of laughter because her hat fell off just like yours did.  

I think we rock the mustache!  The paper one, that is.

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Shopping Wars: 2014 Edition

Anyone who has been reading here for any length on time, knows that I have a serious aversion to shopping. I dislike going into overly crowded stores, finding things, and paying money. None of it appeals to me. Christmas shopping only multiplies my strong dislike for shopping. Not only does it involved going into overly crowded stores, and paying way too much money – there is the slight problem that comes with trying to find something that the person in question is going to like.

When Amanda was here – shopping was fun, I would follow around in amazement as she tossed things in at random, never getting frustrated with the crowds, and never paying over the certain number she had set in her head. As a bonus, the person on the receiving end always loved her gifts. It was a win win situation. Something that I could never, and can never – recreate. My shopping episodes are limited to buying the wrong items, spending too much money, and running out of the stores because they were too crowded.

If I have a list, I do ok. So long as the store isn’t too crowded, and the items on my list are in stock. If not, it’s the perfect storm.

A recent shopping trip in London.
A recent shopping trip in London.

Lets take a step back and take a look at LAST years shopping excitement:


“This year, my Christmas spirit was HIGH. Like full tilt over the moon BUY ALL THE THINGS! Kind of high. I took advantage of it, and did some late night browsing. I ordered a few gifts, and made a list.

And then my Christmas spirit took a dive. But that was ok! Because my shopping was done. I could relax.

And then last night, as I was looking through my online purchases, I noticed something. The things I bought? Were NOT the things I thought I had bought. In fact, I really have NO idea what was going through my head at the time of purchase – because I thought I was being savvy.

And then…the mail started trickling in. Ever so slowly.

I was excited.

I ripped open the package.

And stared into the face of what was supposed to be a pajama set but instead was an…

“Oil green panel”

Now I knew that things weren’t what I thought I had bought but how does one go from pjs to a curtain panel? Closer inspection showed that what I ordered – was not sent. In its place – was a single curtain. A CURTAIN! Now I don’t know about you – but I don’t know how I was supposed to GIFT a CURTAIN! ONE panel, mind you. The product I had ordered? No longer in stock. I guess this was the closest substitute they had.”


And now, for the 2014 edition of shopping vs. me.

This year, Amanda did her best to get me excited for Christmas. She almost persuaded me to turn on the Christmas music before Thanksgiving (a yearly argument we have!) but I stood strong, and just as we finished up the day, I turned on the Christmas tunes. I will even admit – I made a purchase before Thanksgiving was even over. In the days following, I had completed a majority of my shopping (yay for online shopping!) and was feeling pretty proud of myself for having all my gifts planned, sorted, and bought before November was over.

For the first time in years, I didn’t have to pay express shipping for an item I would just return. I was looking forward to doing away with the traditional “Chasing down of the UPS man to see if there is a package for me!” And was really feeling proud of myself. Probably too proud. Because none of my packages are expected to arrive before Christmas

Last night I looked up an item that was scheduled to be here in 3-5 business days. It has been two weeks. There was no tracking information. The company told me to call the post office. The post office told me (and I quote) “Call UPS or FedEx.” Confused I asked why. Which is when they informed me that they had no information – so it must be another shipping company’s fault.

Frustrated, I called the original company again – who then told me they were sorry and would redo my order. Except. ½ the items I ordered? Were no longer in stock. The promo code I used was invalid, and there was no way to guarantee that these things would arrive in time for Christmas.

Another item I had ordered has been stuck in Washington for two weeks with no hope of it arriving when promised. In fact, the scheduled delivery date has changed two times since I purchased it.

And finally, my personal favorite – an item that appears to be lost. Traveling from Washington, to Ontario Canada, to California, to BC Canada, before arriving in Florida where it currently awaits its next big adventure.

Yoshi is happy she doesn’t have to go shopping

Shopping: 3 Me: 0

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Christmas Time is Coming…

Christmas and I have never gotten along.  I have countless posts on how my best plans have been thwarted by the hustle and bustle about.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love Christmas time.  I love the smells.  I love the cookies.  I love the plays, the singing, and most times, the people.  I really love the reason behind Christmas.  I love giving gifts to people, and getting that reaction you hoped for.  I love all of it.  I love wrapping it all up in a neat package and putting a bow on it….but rarely, or ever, I should say – has that happened.

You see, a long time ago – I agreed to disagree with the perfect Christmas.  You know: The one with a nice layer of snow, matching outfits, sipping coco by the tree, with smells of cinnamon.  Yea.  Not that I ever wanted that picture perfect Christmas, its just that me and shopping have never gotten along that well.  I always (ALWAYS!) have some sort of a mishap with a gift.  Last year I got an olive green curtain panel to gift someone.  I mean, I didn’t ORDER that, it just came.  As a replacement.  For the item I had ordered.  Which was not window related.  Or olive green.  You can read that story here: And They Call This Fun!?

Another year I searched high and low for the perfect coffee cup for my sister.  I finally found one I liked, forked out the extra money, and waited.  Two weeks later it showed up.  It wasn’t a coffee mug.  But rather a giant bowl.  With a handle.

I could go on and on about my mishaps.  But lets just say I try, but it rarely works out.

Since shopping and I don’t get along – I rarely get the gifts I was looking to give, and rarely get the reaction I was looking for.  I mean, what can I expect really – gifting curtain panels, and giant bowls, after all.

This year, the bug has bitten me early.  I tried, desperately to ward it off.  I ignored.  I looked the other way.  I all but closed my mind to the idea.  But the harder I tried, the more it pushed.  And before I knew it I was off riding the wagon down Christmas alley.  I tried to hang on for thanksgiving.  I really did.  I don’t listen to Christmas songs until the day after.  Don’t decorate until the day after.  Don’t give it ANY THOUGHT until the day before.

But this year?  Oh this year.

This year I have ALL THE PLANS to do ALL THE THINGS.

I have already ordered our Christmas card.  I have already scoured Pinterest, and pinned all the things.  I have ideas that are bursting with glitter and bows and ribbon – and quite frankly, I’m worried.

You see, last year I tried to do much of the same things.  I had a few simple ideas, that I thought I could make work.  Anyone remember what happened?  Lets recap:

Aside from the curtain panel, we had this gem:

santamix8You can read more on that disaster here: An Epic Fail (and other short stories)!

I apparently, cannot melt chocolate to save my life.

This year?  I have GREAT plans.  To do ALL the things, yet again.  I have lists.  Oh the lists.  I have ideas, and bows, and scents, and candles, and thoughts, and plans, and people, and and and and….

Like I said, I am quite frankly – worried.  It could go one of two ways:

The traditional way – where everything ends up a mess, and on Christmas eve I am left with an un-melted bowl of chocolate, ½ trimmed tree, unbaked cookies, and gifts that are unwrapped, unfitting, and a disaster that makes us laugh the following year.

Or, the Non-Traditional way – Things could actually go as planned.

I’m betting on traditional.  Since there is nothing like a good tradition.

What traditions do YOU have?  Can you melt chocolate?  Have you started shopping?

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Greece Day 4

Often when we travel, we find ourselves needing a vacation to recover from our vacation. We attempt to travel light, and cheap. As a result we usually end up with some interesting stories to tell. I’m not yet sure what stories will come from Greece, although I suspect we will have a few. Just not the ones we were planning on.

We discovered last night that the beaches and locations of Greece that we were looking forward to the most – were on the west coast of the Island we are on. Unfortunately, we happen to be on the east coast. While it may only take 10 minutes by car, we have bikes. And while it may only be 2.5 miles to get there, and in any other circumstances – 2.5 miles is a cakewalk, here it is anything but.

The sun has wiped us all out. Or at least, has wiped Amanda and I out completely. If not for the AC I’m not sure where we would be. This afternoon we started out on the trek across the way. A 2.5 mile journey with the promise of ice cream and sandy beaches, David lured us out of our nice AC room. All was well for the first bit of time until things started looking a little…deserted.


We joked about being on another episode of “I shouldn’t be alive” but still continued on. The paved road turned into a gravel road, which turned into a dirt path, and eventually looked more like an un-mown field than anything. Old olive trees, a few houses, roosters, and a whole lot of empty fields.  A far cry from our visions of deep blue water, and bright blue skies.


Not the Greece we had in mind.

By the time we returned – we were all completely wiped out. It was, in fact, the hottest part of the day and the sun was so intense. After a quick dip in the pool, we decided that there is one thing people have right about the hottest part of the day – and that is napping.

First world problems that make us sound like spoiled brats who came to a dream land of a country only to complain. Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure Greece is an awesome country – I’m also sure that its awesomeness starts about 2.5 miles from here and is just out of reach. I’m also confident that we will make it there, to see this awesomeness – sometime this week.


Sometimes it takes all we have to make it down the stairs to that pool.  The sun.  Its hot. 

I just hope the A/C holds out long enough.